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  2. ambiyohan says:

    Though am proud of Paec for having this web, i still do not access the said contents for a registered preferred members.Could you please revisit the page so that we shld hv an advantage for registering.

  3. ambiyohan says:

    Good job for the improvement that has so far been made on this website. Hope in no time we will be able to access our exam results from this very best facility.

  4. Thanks for the development,but i cant access the results online though registered,would you please do something on this?

  5. 24T8038 Corns says:

    Cant access results online. Pliz help

  6. 10T16600 says:

    Just waiting patiently…..

  7. 12F25016 says:

    Thanks PAEC for posting results online. This is commendable, but you need to improve on the time you post them online. It would be much better if you post them even before we receive the through Post Office.

  8. 29T14185 says:

    i have already registered,but cant excess my results,when i click the results option it just gives me the option to go back,please help

  9. 12T19634 says:

    Thanks PAEC, am proud of your.I am aware that you always set standards that only the who have prepared well for the exams, should pass.I would like to urge you (PAEC) to consider reducing passing rate to 40 %.

  10. Kelvin kaunda says:

    Very easy online…big up paec.. this is a very good development´..

  11. 29T14185 says:

    Thax kelvin,zikuthekadi,big up paec

  12. 10T14975 says:

    Thanks I have now accessed my resuits online.

  13. 10T15012 says:

    Big up…just checked my results now!caynt wait for Dec gala..

  14. 12T19731 says:

    thnx 4 posting results on line. Bt isnt it posible to atleast adjust passing mark to 40 percent ?

  15. eish koma this long distance z killing mi

  16. Paec z the best.it hz motivated mi alot

  17. Ernest Msendema says:

    Hello my fellow students,Lets you help me with the tactics of passing costing at once.

  18. Chimwamasuku says:

    Am really impressed with you guys i checked the results online just left with one subject Maths ive passed Mr difficult

  19. 12T20474 says:

    am very happy with u PAEC Guyz this is nice,as am saying i have save money and time,just click the mouse ndaona ma-results.kip it up!!!!!

  20. 28T12035 says:

    Thts intrestng.kip t up

  21. 10T14778 says:

    I thank God 4 passing Info systems, Econs & Acc/2

  22. 12T18862 says:

    “checking the results online”paec this is superb …though the results.aren’t that good but this is commendable.

  23. 12T19224 says:

    I really appreciate the coming of this page but try your level best to give us the updates as faster as you can.

  24. 11T18155 says:

    Thanks paec

  25. 10T16587 says:

    thank the board for coming with this innovation so we should be able to see our results online.

  26. 29t0013694 says:

    I am very pleased to learn that u hv introduced this website for students to know the important issues bt myself am un able to see my results please help


    paec iz good though costin yandicheza coz of zibwana


    Frankly speaking am proud of PAEC, i have just completed my diploma with a pass in costing. This PAEC has taught me self reliance and hardworking. Guys, “Failing is not falling but still standing on the ground” Work hard Guys, you will soon also complete it.

  29. 23T10352 says:

    PAEC this is great,

  30. 11T.18227 says:

    Ok let me try.

  31. 11F21508 says:

    what a course…. I lyk it

  32. 12F25268 says:

    Thanks am a member of that page am i registered two months ago but up to now am failing to find my results so what should i do now please help me now

  33. 10T16718 says:


  34. 12F25268 says:

    I have followed all the instruction what you have told me to do and i tried it to open my results but nothing it appear and it tell me to go back so what can i do for that matter

  35. Assa Manda says:

    I’m grad this development is so wowza…actually double wowza..

  36. 11F21508 says:


  37. 25T9169 says:


  38. Mphatso Likomwa says:

    Is it possible to pay annual subscription for 2014 now

  39. 29T0014382 says:

    May we have this december,2013 diet exams as soon as end jan,2014.This would give us ample time to prepare for our next course

  40. 11T18352 says:

    I hve accesed my account. Thank u.

  41. 12T19139 says:

    Paec yilibwino bwanji kwaife amene chauta anatimanamwayi wokafikako ku khaya amati unima. We will up there azadziwanso kuti mafana awa samaimvwa

  42. 12T19139 says:

    Dziko lidzabvomera kuti mafana a Paec nawonso samainva. Tiyeni tidziphanda heavy!!!!!

  43. 29T14061 says:

    when are december resuilts coming out

  44. 11T17023 says:

    Just waiting for the Dec 2013 results.

  45. 11T0017755 says:

    Thanks for the online services.PAEC ndi deal.

  46. 28T12035 says:

    Finaly feb z here

  47. 29T14185 says:

    Only June 2013 results are available,December are not,fix this please

  48. 12T19262 says:

    still getting the same old results of june no dec thang nde pliz fix it

  49. 12T19262 says:

    i give up ama jst wait for tha post and get my results later b4 i get a heart attark lm off to sleep nw

  50. 28T12531 says:

    wen its 2013 dec results wil be online?

  51. 11T17023 says:

    December 2013 results not displaying. Only old results appearing. Paec do something before I collapse.

  52. Mcgoodson Ngoma says:

    Results not displayed even old

  53. Mcgoodson Ngoma says:

    I have heard that peac is no longer exisit but ICAM so what about certificates and diploma we already have are we going to change from paec to icam if yes how?

  54. 16731 says:

    I cant access my results, it gives me apage without results

  55. 12T19847 says:

    am saticified,,,,,,,,,lookin 4ward to next challange…

  56. 10T16679 says:

    I tank God 4 completing ma diploma with costing,tho i find it dificult.but i hv done well.i also appreaciate 4 ma frnds who wer discusng togeda at Mzuzu Tech.Colg ad mzuzu MCA .PAEC TANX 4 IMPROVING KEEP IT UP.

  57. 13T20812 says:

    paec ndi more!!!!

  58. 11T17046 says:

    When are the names of the certifictes & diplomas finalists be displayed in the newspaper?

  59. 29T14143 says:

    well well who thought paec is mwala i just proved it to be buledi. i thank God for helping me finish my diploma i love you Heavenly father and my wife for the encouragement. am a free man now waiting for another step.

  60. 10T15727 says:

    Thanks for the online service

  61. 11T17759 says:

    Thank u paec for this improvement am so happay coz I hv seen my results rightway here in Tanzania. But please would you let me know when do you release Certificates for us who have finished last year December?

  62. 12F23829 says:

    Some body help,when we paec says it will expire in june 2014,means before sitting for June diet all after june results?

  63. 12T19847 says:

    Plz help, is it posible to change the subjects you have already registered & also you have paid exam fee..

  64. 11T17046 says:

    so wat will happen to those who havnt yet completed if paec is expiring after june.. & to those who already have the diplomas?

  65. 26T9656 says:

    I have lent to work extra hard through PAEC

  66. Dear student
    You need to visit our website then register by clicking – online profile registration by entering your email address and registration number.
    After few minutes you will receive the password which you should log in by clicking Registrant Log in.
    Then click preferred member page.
    Thank you for contacting us
    If you have problems let me know.


  67. 12T19847 says:

    Help, is it posible to change the subjects you have registered&paid exam fee for..to say you wil sit for other subjects?

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